A Radioactive Ruse:

A new report by Greenpeace Southeast Asia exposes the environmental threats posed by the Australian registered Lynas Rare Earth Element (REE) processing facility in coastal Malaysia. The report recommends:

  1. [CLOSE THE LYNAS PLANT IN KUANTAN] The Lynas Corporation must close the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) processing plant in Kuantan, Malaysia, until it puts in place best practice environmental protection protocols and conditions and comes up with an acceptable solution for the plant's radioactive waste disposal outside of Malaysia.
  2. [ADVANCE GREEN DEVELOPMENT FOR SEA AND PROTECT ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH] In view of the above, the (federal) government of Malaysia must deny Lynas Corporation a permanent operating license, and prioritize the protection of Malaysian environmental and public health interests, modeling green development standards for Southeast Asia in the process.
  3. [AVOID DOUBLE STANDARDS – STOP EXPORTING POLLUTION TO OTHER COUNTRIES] Government of Australia and Japan and other stakeholders in the operations of the Lynas plant in Malaysia, must uphold the same environmental protection standards as they demand for their own environment and populations.

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