Tell the Norwegian government to stop Statoil from Arctic Oil drilling

Right now, the Norwegian oil giant, Statoil, are en route to drill for oil near the unique Arctic habitat of Bear Island. We can stop them, but we have to act fast. It takes just one week for a nearby oil spill to engulf Bear Island – home to a million sea birds, as well as polar bears and other wildlife.

Tell Statoil's biggest shareholder, the Norwegian government, to stop these reckless plans before it's too late.

Bear Island, Norway

Bear Island, a unique wildlife refuge in the Barents Sea, would be completely engulfed by an oil spill within a week if Statoil’s planned rig leaks. Unless we act, this unique ecosystem would be lost.

The Norwegian government owns 67 percent of the company. They have the power to stop Statoil from drilling in these very sensitive Arctic areas. Norway’s Environment Minister, Tine Sundtoft, decides whether Statoil can pursue their plans and has the power to withdraw permission. We're calling on people everywhere to tell Norway to act.

The Arctic is under increasing pressure from oil companies that are seeking to exploit the oil and gas believed to exist under the sea floor. But drilling in the treacherous ice-filled waters of the Arctic Ocean is not safe. In these conditions, an oil spill is considered impossible to clean up and would have devastating consequences for wildlife, the Arctic environment and the people living here.

Let's act together to stop these reckless plans, before it's too late.

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