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Does your country promote
low-impact and fair fishing?

For decades fishing has been a story of decline, with severe overexploitation of fish stocks and low impact fishermen squeezed out of business by a minority of profiteering fishing barons. Since 1 January last year, changes to the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) requires EU governments to take social and environmental criteria into account when they allocate fishing quotas and access to fishing grounds. That’s good news for our oceans and fish stocks. Almost one year and a half after the revised law came into force, Greenpeace has done the rounds on how well the fishing countries in Europe have implemented these new rules so far. After a first assessment in February 2015, this is a second and more complete assessment of countries’ performance (as of 15 May 2015), focusing in particular on their “contribution” to overfishing, the reduction – where necessary – of their fishing capacity and the promotion of coastal and low impact fishing.
And guess what, many EU governments appear to be ignoring the new rules, distributing quota as if it is business as usual.

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Why Europe's low impact fishermen should get more quota

During the last five years, hundreds of thousands of you joined us in calling on Europe's politicians to create new laws that support fair and sustainable fishing.
And together, we did it! However, some EU governments seem to ignore the new rules. So we have started to take action to challenge this inaction.
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On the trail of Monster Boats

Greenpeace have been on board the research ship 'Victor Hensen', monitoring the wasteful and destructive fishing practices employed by European fishing fleets which can discard up to 600 tonnes of fish in a single trip. The discard can be carried out for various reasons: high grading, the small size of the fish, fish that the vessel has no quota for and other non marketable marine life bycatch.
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What's Fair Fishing?


Fair fishing means taking what you need and nothing more.

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Unfair fishing means destroying our fish stocks and marine habitat, all in the name of profit.

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Champions of the Fair Seas Champions of the Fair Seas

Champions of the Fair Seas

Low impact fishers are real people. Fishing is how they make their living. It's how they feed their families. For many, it's a family tradition. Monster boats are threatening their livelihoods and their way of life. These are their stories. Meet the Fair Fishers

20 of the Worst Boats Around

Maartje Theadora

Maartje Theadora

Country Controlled From: Netherlands
Flag: GermanyGermany

With 140 meters length, and the ability to hold 6000 tons of fish, Maartje Theadora is the largest fishing vessel in the whole German fleet.
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Meet the Monster Boats

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