Chances like this don't come often (especially against Monsanto)

To government leaders around the world:

As concerned citizens, we urge you to apply the precautionary principle and suspend the use of glyphosate where it results in the greatest public exposure, either directly or through residues in our food.

Meanwhile a thorough re-assessment of glyphosate needs to be carried out, taking into account the WHO decision and other independent studies. Ultimately a plan must be devised to phase-out not just glyphosate but all chemical pesticides, and move towards ecological farming.


The dominoes are starting to fall – the World Health Organisation (WHO) just declared that the active ingredient in Monsanto's super popular weed killer, Roundup, probably causes cancer!

Roundup is the world's most heavily used weed-killer ever – it's also Monsanto's biggest profit maker, accounting for a whopping one-third of its total sales last year. Concerns that Roundup is toxic to humans have been mounting for two decades now, but there's been little action. The result: millions of acres of farmland, parks and sidewalks are sprayed with Roundup each year, and scientists have detected this 'probable' human carcinogen in our air, rain, and even inside our bodies.

But governments take WHO assessments very seriously, and are now scrambling to decide what to do next. If we come together now, we have a real chance to suspend the use of Monsanto's Roundup and strike the company where it really hurts: its profits.

Monsanto is furiously trying to discredit the study, so there's really no time to waste – sign this petition now, and together we'll push governments around the world to act.