Welcome to Solarnia, your solar paradise in the Mediterranean

Let's create a Solar Paradise together

Solarnia is your perfect holiday destination: an authentic Mediterranean location where you can swim in crystal-clear waters, walk on clean sandy beaches, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the warmth of local hospitality. Solarnia is a solar paradise, completely powered by nature, clean and safe energy. It enjoys a healthy economy and a sustainable tourism industry.

Let's end the exploration of dirty fossil fuels and make the most out of clean energy. The future could be as bright as the Mediterranean sun. Make the island of your dreams become a reality.

With your signature we will go to the relevant tourism industry and local authority representatives, asking them to speak up against destruction of coastal areas and islands, and call for a transition to clean, renewable energy.


Unfortunately, the Mediterranean countries’ leaders are planning to invest in fossil fuels, risky oil drilling and coal plants projects. This will endanger the future of our beloved holiday destinations, their economy and the pristine nature. Our Mediterranean paradises in Croatia, Italy, Spain and Greece could be lost forever.

We need to stop this together!

This nonsense has to stop now and we need you. Only with your help, can we convince the Mediterranean authorities to quit dirty energy before it is too late, and start investing in the sun and wind -- in renewable energy now!

Sign the petition, join the Solarnia movement and make a solar paradise in the Mediterranean a reality for us and our children.

Together we can build a new future in the Mediterranean, a place where renewable energy ensures new jobs, enhances a new sustainable economy, protects ecosystems and mitigates climate change. A true solar paradise.