Stop Oil Exploration

The MV Taitu vs the Amazon Warrior Statoil and Chevron have been seismic blasting for oil between Napier and Kaikoura They wanted to do it out of sight and out of mind, but we've made that very difficult.

After quitting its plans to drill in the pristine waters off the beautiful West Coast of Northland, Norwegian oil giant Statoil together with Chevron, now wants to drill for oil in the waters between Napier and Kaikoura.

Statoil left Northland following years of relentless opposition from local communities and people all over New Zealand.

Now we must keep the pressure on to let them know that risky, climate wrecking oil drilling is not wanted anywhere in our precious waters.

They spent this summer seismic blasting in a massive area of ocean between Napier and Kaikoura using the world’s largest oil exploration ship. And we met them head on.

The catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico showed us the huge risks of deep sea drilling. It showed that when spills happen it means whales, dolphins and birds choke on oil. It means the decimation of fishing and tourism industries and coastal communities.New Zealand cannot take this risk.

The world also faces a critical climate crisis. If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change we must leave a third of the world’s known reserves of oil in the ground. That means no new oil. Drilling for oil we cannot burn is crazy.

New Zealand belongs as part of the the clean energy revolution that is sweeping the globe, not on the wrong side of history wrecking the climate and risking our oceans with oil disaster.

Please join us now in sending a clear message to Statoil and Chevron that we won’t risk our climate, or our oceans and our children’s future.

Use this form to send a direct message to the Statoil & Chevron CEOs now.