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Lego, how will you rebuild what Shell destroys?

Shell is using Lego to clean up its image for dirty oil drilling. Tell Lego to cut ties with Shell and save the Arctic

(You will send this email to LEGO and join the global movement to Save the Arctic.)
  • How is Shell using Lego and why we should stop them?

    Shell’s global advertising deal with Lego is part of a carefully thought-out strategy by Shell to buy friends who can make its controversial Arctic drilling plans look acceptable and misleadingly associate it with positive values. Lego is one of the most beloved and admired toy companies in the world, and Shell knows that this deal will not only increase profits, but also improve the reputation of a company known for recklessly threatening the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

    As part of the co-promotion, LEGO has branded Shell’s logo on a special set of its toys. By placing its logo in the hands of millions of children, Shell is building brand loyalty with the next generation of consumers. Shell has launched an invasion of children’s playrooms in order to prop up its public image, while threatening the Arctic with a deadly oil spill. We can’t let Shell get away with it.

    If we convince Lego to cut ties with Shell, it will be a major blow to Shell’s strategy of using deals with popular brands to distract from its Arctic drilling. As millions stand up to expose Shell’s true face, it will become harder and harder for Shell to get the public support it needs to destroy the Arctic.

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  • Why is it important to save the Arctic?

    The fragile Arctic is home to incredible wildlife like polar bears, whales, and walruses. Arctic sea ice acts like the planet’s air conditioner, regulating global climate and temperatures. But Arctic ice is melting fast and oil companies are invading its waters to drill for more of the stuff that caused the problem in the first place. An oil spill in the Arctic would be nearly impossible to clean up and have devastating effects for the environment.

    A new global movement of more than 5 million people is growing to save the Arctic. We want to create a global sanctuary in in the uninhabited area around the North Pole and get a ban on offshore oil drilling and unsustainable fishing in the wider Arctic region.

    How we deal with the vital Arctic region is a test for how we approach the big challenges of our time. With your help we can bring forward a new era of international cooperation in the face of narrow self-interest, and protect this magical place for future generations.

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  • How will you help us by signing the petition?

    Your voice matters. When millions of people demand that Lego cut ties with Shell, our call will be impossible to ignore. Lego cares deeply about what consumers think, and by signing the petition we are demonstrating the power of our massive movement. Lego has listened to Greenpeace supporters in the past, and clearly states that one of its core ambitions is to “protect children’s right to live in a healthy environment.”

    Petitions like this one have convinced countless brands to clean up their act and commit to environmentally sustainable practices. Just this year, after public Greenpeace campaigns, Adidas committed to eliminating toxic chemicals in its clothing, and Proctor & Gamble (maker of products like Head & Shoulders) committed to a no-deforestation policy.

    When you sign the petition, you join the movement to save the Arctic. And as our movement grows, we can put more pressure on the stakeholders and decision-makers who could create laws and policies to protect the Arctic and invest in sustainable energy sources instead of dirty oil drilling. But we’re up against the richest and most powerful corporations in the world, so we need you--and all your friends.

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