Turn your back on dirty energy

Energy companies and governments keep telling us coal, oil, gas and nuclear power are necessary and safe, but here's the truth: they're the root of our problems. They cause wars, pollution, disease and then WE pay the bill for these outdated sources of energy. It's time the leaders of Europe turn their backs on fossil fuel and nuclear energy and start building a clean energy infrastructure now.

It is our right and duty to demand a future powered entirely by green energy.
We urgently need to move to renewable, efficient energy sources that are accessible to all and don't poison our families or pollute our planet. And building a new, clean energy infrastructure will be the source of new, long-term jobs across Europe. Call on Europe's leaders today.

Independence from fossil fuels and nuclear energy is essential to a healthy future for us all.

Sign the petition to European governments:

"We want green energy and green jobs. Invest in renewable energy and efficiency now, and stop supporting fossil fuels and nuclear energy."