The last few Japanese dugong could be about to disappear. Henoko Bay in Okinawa is home to 262 endangered species including the very rare dugong, blue corals, sea turtles, rays, and all six species of clownfish found in Japanese waters.

But their marine home is under threat. Unless we take action now, the Japanese government is going to destroy Henoko Bay to create two new airstrips for a US military base!

The majority of people in Okinawa already see the insanity of this. The local Governor is also on our side. Will you join us? Sign up and we'll let you know how you can help #SavetheDugongs

Save the dugongs before it's too late!


UPDATE 25 Nov: Today we delivered your message to the Japanese Prime Minister's office, to remind them the importance of the Dugongs and their Marine ecosystem. But our fight is not over, please continue to sign and share this campaign. Together we can save the Dugongs.

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