This year´s trendiest new thing is already in your closet

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Join the Consumer Revolution
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This year´s trendiest new thing is already in your closet

Retail therapy is killing us!

We live in a world polluted by disposable fashion.

Closets are bulging, drawers are spilling over, and we’re adding to the stockpile with every purchase and every new fashion trend.

The fashion industry would have us believe that overconsumption is something to be proud of, marking our success one haul at a time. But putting aside barely worn clothing and bringing home bags of new outfits fuels a toxic supply chain and stuffs landfills with impulse buys.

But we can change the fashion industry by changing how we look at fashion.

Step away from the check-out counter. It’s time to Be Smart, Cut Back, and Value what we have!

Repair Not Replace

A little wear and tear doesn’t mean your clothes are destined for the trash bin. Pull out the needle and thread before you schedule a shopping spree. Announce to the world: #ImKeepingThis!

Fight Fast Fashion

The faster the fashion the quicker our planet is polluted. Buy fewer items that are well made to last well into our brighter future.

Extend Life

Tired of wearing the same outfits? Why not swap clothing with friends to give your old favourites a new life. You can also buy secondhand items to extend the life of clothing.

Demand Less Not More

Get in touch with your favourite brands and find out what they are doing to create eco-friendly clothing. Let them know you want better clothes, not more clothes.

Support Brand Revolutionaries

How your clothes are made is important. Before you wear a piece of clothing, find out which brands have already pledged to Detox and show your support through future purchases, social media kudos, and spreading the word to friends and family.