Stop the Chiloé, Chile disaster: The sea is not a dump!


Over the last few weeks, thousands of marine animals – including sea lions, birds and fish – have been washing up dead on the beaches of Chiloé Island, Chile. The lifeless creatures first appeared on the island’s beaches after the dumping of tons of rotting salmon into the sea and a series of algal blooms called “red tides.”

Add your name to the call for the President of Chile to investigate and stop this disaster.


The Chilean government authorized the dumping of rotting fish into the waters surrounding Chiloé, but failed to inform the public of their decision. An independent investigation – one that includes the local community – is needed to try to determine what killed so much marine wildlife.

A large community of fisherman in Chiloé depend on the sea for their livelihoods and culture. Now, the community is angry – and left with a growing fear for the future.

The sea is not a garbage dump. The dumping of fish waste should stop immediately. The expansion of salmon farms should stop. The Chilean government should engage and inform the community of the current conditions near Chiloe Island and ensure this kind of crisis won’t happen again.

Ask Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet to investigate this catastrophe and take urgent action to stop it from happening again.