Samsung, It's time to
rethink the smartphone


Samsung recently recalled 4.3 million brand new Galaxy Note 7 phones, but never released a clear plan to recycle the devices.

As a result, all the resources, energy, and human effort expended to make each of those phones will be wasted.

Right now, the largest gathering for the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress, is being held at Barcelona, Spain. There, the leaders of the whole industry, including Samsung, will show their best products to the world.

This is the perfect time to raise our voices and demand the CEO of Samsung to publicly commit to recycle the Galaxy Note 7.

Reuse the components of the #GalaxyNote7!

To: Kwon, Oh-Hyun
Samsung Electronics CEO

It´s time to take into account the impact of your products on our planet, before thinking of the launch of the Galaxy S8.