Pet lovers score a win against bad tuna!

Mars and Nestlé -- the two biggest pet food companies in the world -- have agreed to make their products safer for our oceans and workers. The companies are committing to address a shifty practice in their supply chains that enables fishing vessels to offload their products to other boats at sea, away from oversight, and continue fishing for months or years at a time. This practice, known as transshipment, is often associated with human rights abuse, illegal fishing, and ocean destruction.

This commitment is a major win that activists and pet lovers fought for, but there is more work to do. Both Mars and Nestlé are supplied by Thai Union, the same giant seafood company that owns canned tuna brands around the world. Thai Union has been connected to labor abuse and overfishing, but is currently considering steps to clean up its act and become an industry leader.

We have the power to push Thai Union to act immediately.