We Are One Ocean

Global Leaders, Take Action!

Global leaders have promised to protect 10% of our oceans by 2020, but so far, only 1% are fully protected. Time is running out.

Coral reefs are dying, oil drilling threatens terrible spills and species like the vaquita – a small porpoise only found in Mexico’s Gulf of California – are being driven to extinction. Creating ocean sanctuaries is more urgent than ever before. Science tells us 40% of the ocean needs to be protected to allow marine life to recover.

We are one ocean

"We demand you hear our voices and take urgent action to protect the ocean we depend upon, and the life within it. A global network of ocean sanctuaries will breathe life back into the the ocean and create a safe haven for all marine creatures. You must act now against the destructive forces of unsustainable fishing, finning, mining, drilling, pollution and climate change – or incredible ocean life will be lost forever."


Right now, we have a huge opportunity to push for real protection as more than 190 governments gather in Mexico this December to attend the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting.

Send a message to the global delegates now.