Tell mars to come clean about Whiskas!

Tell MARS to come clean about Whiskas!

The global tuna industry is out of control. In a relentless search for profit, tuna companies have been caught doing anything to save a buck — including forcing people to work on fishing boats in horrific conditions, for little or no pay. Aggressive fishing practices overfish our oceans while capturing and killing thousands of sharks, sea turtles, and other untargeted animals.

What’s worse, a lot of this is happening to feed cats.

Lil Bub says no #BadTuna We've teamed up with our favourite internet cats to start the Cats VS Bad Tuna movement. Send an email to MARS here first, and then visit to join in!

Mars, the biggest pet food company on the planet, and owner of Whiskas, is supplied with tuna and other seafood by the biggest tuna company in the world - the notorious Thai Union. Thai Union has been haunted by recent scandals of human rights abuses and destructive fishing, which means our cats could be eating bad tuna.

Mars claims to be committed to sourcing sustainable fish, and promoting human rights, but when we ask where its seafood comes from, it refuses to answer.

But if enough people join us in calling on Mars to come clean, they will have to come clean.

Take action now and tell Mars to come clean about what’s in its Whiskas and prove that it’s not feeding cats bad tuna.