Protect Europe`s last remaining ancient and old-growth forests!

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The famous Carpathian Mountains in Romania are home to the largest remaining temperate ancient forests outside of Russia. Lynx, chamoix and Europe’s largest brown bear population live in these forests alongside endangered wolves. These forests are a heritage we share with the wildlife and needs to be preserved – for their sake and for future generations.


This valuable and unique ecosystem needs your help. It is rapidly disappearing because it is not properly protected. Until now, laws have been too weak to save these forests from degradation and destruction. Greenpeace estimates that in the last decade, Romania has lost almost half of its ancient and old-growth forests. The remaining forests, an area estimated to be around 120 000 hectares, needs you to help protect them.

Although the National Catalogue of ancient and old-growth forests of Romania – the legal instrument that defines the identification criteria, the inclusion procedure and the measures needed to protect these forests – has been established, it is not enough. In order to ensure the full protection for this European heritage there is a lot more to be done.

Ask the Romanian Minister of Environment, Water and Forests to take the necessary steps to protect these forests.

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