Save the Kurgalsky reserve!

The Kurgalsky reserve is one of the most valuable natural territories in north-west Russia. Many rare plants and animals call it home: the Baltic Ringed seal, ruddy turnstone, garden dormouse. Last year, the nest of a white-tailed sea-eagle - the rarest predatory bird in this area - was discovered here.

But the planned route of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline cuts right through the Kurgalsky reserve. According to the project, they need to cut down a strip of forest 60 m wide and about 3.7 km long. The pipeline will pass through the sites of old-growth forests and a unique sand dune.The impact will be irreversible.

This project is a direct violation of the Russian federal laws "On Environmental Protection" and "On Wildlife" as well as two international environmental conventions. It cannot be tolerated.

Demand that the Ministry of Natural Resources abandons the illegal route of the gas pipeline.


0 Target: 60 000
This letter will be sent to the Minister of the Natural Resourses and Ecology of the Russian Federation.