It’s Tuna but it’s Not Just Tuna

PETITION: Tell Thai Union to Stand Up For Human Rights and Our Oceans

Destruction and greed define today's tuna industry. The majority of canned tuna on store shelves around the world is caught in ways that hurt our oceans and mistreat fishermen.

"Thai Union Group: As the largest canned tuna company in the world, you have a responsibility to lead the change to truly sustainable fishing methods, and full transparency and traceability of our seafood from ship to plate. As informed citizens and consumers, we expect you to clean up your supply chain and help ensure our oceans, and the people whose livelihoods depend on them, have a fair and sustainable future."


Thai Union, the largest canned tuna company in the world, has been connected to shocking labour and human rights abuses, with too many workers exploited, abused and even forced to work on ships for months or years at a time.

Thai Union continues to allow wasteful and destructive fishing practices that attract, capture and kill other marine life including turtles and sharks – while driving some species of tuna towards extinction.

Join Not Just Tuna, Greenpeace's powerful new global campaign. Help change Thai Union, and make a difference. Instead of driving ocean devastation, we call on Thai Union to reject bad fishing practices and help change the tuna industry to ensure it is fair, sustainable and can continue safely for generations to come.