Stop Statoil - Stop Deep Sea Oil

Norwegian oil giant Statoil has quit its plan to drill in the pristine waters off the beautiful west coast of Northland but they still plan to drill off the East Coast.

The Northland success is a win for the climate, our oceans and for people power. It’s an area of outstanding beauty, a migratory path for whales, the home of many Maori tribal groups and a paradise for surfers.

Now we must increase pressure on Statoil to give up all its plans to drill in New Zealand waters. Statoil will still be doing large scale seismic testing in the summer of 2017 - a process of firing loud seismic explosions through the ocean – and more testing is planned as a first step towards dangerous deepwater drilling, if they find oil.

The catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico showed us the risks of deep sea drilling. And it showed that the price of an accident is borne by the wildlife, coastal communities and economy. New Zealand doesn’t need to take this risk.

But as well as the immediate risks of offshore oil drilling, the world faces a climate crisis. Drilling for oil we cannot afford to burn is a dangerous form of climate denial.

The world is changing. Oil companies are running into financial trouble as exploration becomes riskier and more expensive. The cost of cleaner, safer energy is dropping. Governments elsewhere are starting to embrace the types of smart energy solutions that New Zealand has in abundance. Yet oil companies are desperately trying to hang on.

So please join us now in sending a clear message to Statoil that we don’t want them to risk our ocean, coastlines and our economy.

Use this form to send a direct message to the Statoil board of directors and CEO Eldar Sætre.