Stand with the people of the Philippines - Join us in making Big Polluters pay

Freakish extreme weather events and supertyphoons have killed thousands, displaced millions of people and caused billions of dollars in damage in the Philippines. Communities are still struggling to rebuild their lives and grieving for loved ones lost.

The toll in lives and rebuilding will continue to climb – and it’s up to us to stand with the people of the Philippines and hold Big Polluters to account.

Just a few dozen Big Polluters, including major oil, coal and gas companies, are responsible for two-thirds of the pollution. Communities like those affected by Haiyan are footing the bill for their destruction while Big Polluters continue to rake in billions in profits by selling their climate-killing coal, oil and gas.

This year, world leaders will gather at the Conference of Parties in Paris, France to discuss a global agreement on climate change. Many of them are still kowtowing to the Big Polluters – but we can show them that the world is on the side of the people of the Philippines and won’t back down in this fight.

The strong and resilient people of the Philippines are ready to take ambitious action, including legal, against the biggest polluters, and they need us all to stand with them.

Join their fight now, and we’ll deliver our message of solidarity from affected communities in the Philippines right into the halls of Paris. Sign up now, then share with all your friends!