Stop Industrial Dairy Expansion

Save Our Rivers

We all rely on and treasure clean fresh water, but industrial dairying is polluting our rivers and contaminating our water. Contaminated water is a risk to our health. There are already too many cows but things are set to get even worse if several Government-funded irrigation schemes go ahead.

Industrial dairying requires vast amounts of water and chemical fertiliser to grow more grass to feed ever-growing herds of cows. This intensive dairying degrades our land, pollutes our rivers, increases farmer debt and climate emissions, and could even be making us sick.

Several big new irrigation schemes are planned and would provide the water required for dairy expansion. They are only possible because local and central government are handing over millions of dollars of public money to help pay for them.

To stop dairy expansion, we must end public funding of irrigation schemes like the Ruataniwha Dam and Central Plains Water Scheme.

Please sign the petition today to end Govt funded irrigation schemes >>

Ecological farming is much better for our rivers, our land and our international reputation as a clean green producer. Some farmers are already reducing their herds and becoming more profitable. It’s this that the government should be backing, not some failed industrial dairying model.