To IOI: start protecting rainforests

Your company has been involved in forest destruction for over 8 years! But people in Southeast Asia suffering from the haze - and our precious rainforests - cannot wait for action any longer. Start protecting, rather than plundering rainforests. Please:

  • Stop forest destruction for palm oil - cut off all suppliers involved in deforestation
  • Stop disregarding local communities and endangered animals in your search for palm oil

Fires are blazing across Indonesia again, turning precious rainforest into cinders and threatening endangered species such as orangutans. Haze from these fires is already drifting across to Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia. Yet the palm oil industry continues to fuel the crisis by bulldozing rainforests and draining peatlands.

One of the culprits is a palm oil exporter called IOI - they are still trading in forest destruction and hoping that the world does not notice.

Tell IOI to start protecting rainforests.