Help us name the new boat!

We need a name for the new crowd-funded Greenpeace boat!
A name that reflects its people-powered spirit, its New Zealand heritage, and its new role as a guardian of our oceans and coastlines here in Aotearoa.

40 years ago a handful of people took a rusty old boat into a nuclear test zone and challenged the nuclear superpowers that threatened life on Earth. Their bold action sparked the global movement that is Greenpeace today.

Today climate change threatens our survival. Yet right now the oil industry is greedily searching off New Zealand’s precious coast for oil the world can’t afford to burn. With ‘The Beast’, the biggest seismic ship in the world, Statoil and Chevron are blasting the seafloor, every 8 seconds, all day every day.

We’ve already been out and confronted The Beast once with our inflatable boat the Margaret Mahy. We delivered a message on behalf of all New Zealanders who oppose this reckless industry. But to effectively continue our protest action - WE NEEDED A BIGGER BOAT!

So we crowdfunded over $90,000 and together we made this crazy dream possible. We have a bigger boat - now we need to name it, and prepare it for sea!