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In South Africa, we've seen and heard many testimonies on how coal has damaged health and environment. Mpumalanga has 11 coal powered stations and 83% of South Africa's coal is mined in the Witbank area - it's no wonder that Witbank is considered to have the dirtiest air.

To top that off, our government is actually considering making great investments into nuclear energy. The same nuclear energy that resulted in countless disasters in different parts of the world, that will cost us trillions of Rands and will take too long to build.

The answer to our energy problem is simple - we have an abundance of solar and wind energy, let's lead the way by making renewable energy the backbone of our electricity supply.

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) was made to identify affordable investments in the electricity sector that will meet our energy demands. It is open for comment and we have until March 31st to let our government know that it’s time to Break Free from fossil fuels and step into the future. Renewable energy is the future!

Send comments on the IRP and demand more investment in renewable energy and a divestment from fossil fuels. It’s time to Break Free!


Dear Minister Joemat-Pettersson,

I am a citizen of South Africa, and I wholly reject the Integrated Resource Plan base case scenario as presented by the Department of Energy.

The purpose of the plan is to identify investments that allow our country to meet electricity demand with the minimum cost. For this reason, coal and nuclear energy should not appear in the base case at all.  Instead, renewable energy must form the backbone of South Africa’s electricity supply.

  • Renewable energy is cheaper than coal and nuclear energy.

  • Renewable energy has the potential to create more and better jobs than coal and nuclear energy.

  • Renewable energy is more ecologically sustainable and consumes less water than coal and nuclear energy.

  • Renewable energy can be generated locally and more efficiently. It has a greater potential to improve energy access, social equity and inclusion that coal and nuclear energy cannot achieve.

  • Renewable energy gives South Africa the best chance of meeting our international obligations under the Paris Agreement.

The artificial cap on renewable energy in the IRP base case scenario must thus be removed.

As per my Constitutional rights as a citizen of South Africa, I further demand that proper public consultation is undertaken and that a further opportunity for comments, public hearings and engagement is provided once the base case has been revised and once a policy adjusted IRP has been developed.

I hereby fully support the submission made by Greenpeace Africa.

Kind regards,