It’s time for a food fight!           


India’s consumers are increasingly choosing natural and organic food products. But despite a year-on-year growth of nearly 17% in the organic market, the products are largely accessible to the country’s ‘high income urbanites’. This inaccessibility to the rest of the population affects farmers, consumers and the planet!

But you can change that. 


Agriculture communities in India have been at the receiving end of the climate crisis, losing 5-15% of their crops every year. To combat this environmental and social crisis, several farmers have turned to natural farming, returning to their roots and reinventing tradition to address water scarcity, soil degradation, extreme weather and climate change. By partnering with the farmers, we can get healthier food, encourage natural farming and help protect the planet!

Often, us consumers aren't sure how to access organically grown food from farmers. Here is an opportunity for YOU. Work with us to build citizen groups in your locality, apartment or even workplace and procure your daily ration directly from Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). You can share the joys and risks of farming with your grower.                                               

Your food choices can fight climate change!  

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Be A Super Consumer!