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“Cost of Living” follows the Rother Valley community as they try to support each other during this historic crisis.

Energy companies are set to make £170 billion in excess profits over the next two years. Unless the government urgently funds a substantial insulation programme, we will suffer every winter, while oil and gas bosses continue to get richer.

The cost of living and climate crises can both be solved by investing in renewable energy, insulating homes nationwide, and properly taxing the windfall profits of oil and gas companies.

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To keep people warm this winter, and every winter that follows, @RishiSunak must commit to urgently funding insulation in this parliament.

2025 is too late for people struggling with bills. #CostOfLivingFilm

Solutions to the cost of living crisis 🤝 Solutions to the climate crisis

@RishiSunak we need support for insulation NOW.


Just finished watching the #CostOfLivingFilm from @GreenpeaceUK and @NEF.

We can’t wait until 2025 for extra funding to insulate our homes.

@RishiSunak what will you do about this?