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Oil is driving catastrophic climate change that threatens our survival. If we are to have a future, the oil industry must have no future. In full knowledge of this, the previous National Government was working with oil companies against the interests of people and planet.

I demand all NZ political parties Get Oil Out of Government by:

  • Stopping all new oil exploration and drilling, and banning fracking
  • Cutting fossil fuel subsidies and divesting all public money from fossil fuels
  • Repealing the ‘Anadarko Amendment’ to the Crown Minerals Act

We have a problem with oil in New Zealand. It has seeped into our oceans, creeped across our land, and now its slimy tendrils have snaked their way all the way up into our Government.

Despite the severe threat posed by climate change, the previous National Government was protecting the oil industry’s interests instead of protecting the people of New Zealand.

By passing the ‘Anadarko Amendment’ in 2013, the Government limited the right to protest against oil exploration at sea. And still now - the ‘Ministry for Oil’ – within MBIE - is prosecuting Greenpeace for a peaceful protest against oil giants Statoil and Chevron while they were seismic blasting for oil off the Wairarapa Coast.

Oil industry lobbyists have had unrestricted access to Parliament, and the previous Government has opened up massive swathes of New Zealand’s ocean to foreign oil giants, at the same time as pushing for new coal mining and fracking.

To top it off, leaked information indicates that the Government and the oil industry have colluded to spy on Greenpeace using the notorious spy agency, Thompson & Clark.

It’s time to Get The Oil Out of Government!

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