Rishi Sunak: Stop All New Oil And Gas

BREAKING: Climbers are draping Rishi Sunak's mansion in an oil-black fabric to protest against new oil..

He’s just said he’s going to continue handing out new oil licences and he’s on the cusp of approving Rosebank, the largest undeveloped oil field in the North Sea. This will be a climate disaster and will do nothing to lower bills, so we need your help to stop it.

We've seen governments make countless u-turns when enough public pressure is put on them. Let’s force Rishi Sunak to pick a side: oil profits or our future?

Please tweet at the Prime Minister to get #NoNewOil and #StopRosebank trending, and join the thousands of people fighting to stop this disastrous new oil field.

Tweet Rishi Sunak and fight to Stop New Oil And Gas

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.@RishiSunak you’re not seriously going to approve a massive new oil field whilst the climate crisis rages across the world are you?

Especially as it's going to cost the taxpayer dearly and do nothing to lower energy bills.

Don't choose Big Oil over everyone else. #NoNewOil

We want a safe climate now and for future generations, @RishiSunak

Don’t approve more oil and gas drilling

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

New oil and gas won't:
-Lower energy bills
- Improve energy security
- Tackle the climate crisis

New oil and gas will:
- Wreck our climate
- Increase Big Oil profits
- Cost the taxpayer £billions

@RishiSunak approving new oil and gas makes no sense. #NoNewOil #StopRosebank

We’re all feeling the impacts of the climate crisis.

@RishiSunak, new oil is only going to add fuel to the fire. 🔥

Why on Earth are you even thinking about approving new oil and gas?

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

.@RishiSunak is giving tax breaks to oil companies, allowing them to make OBSCENE profits.

Meanwhile, the UK public is struggling with unaffordable energy bills.

Does this seem FAIR to you?

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

.@RishiSunak whose side are you on?

Right now people are struggling with unaffordable energy bills and they desperately need your help.

History will remember your choice - don’t put oil profits over ordinary people and our planet.

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

Burning all Rosebank’s oil and gas would create more CO2 than the combined annual emissions of all 28 low-income countries in the world.

@RishiSunak this will be devastating for our planet. 🌍


NEWS FLASH: The science is clear, for a safe climate there must be NO NEW oil and gas projects.

@RishiSunak you can’t be serious about approving Rosebank?

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

.@RishiSunak don’t put Big Oil’s greed before the UK public and a safe climate!

Time to pick a side - oil profits or our future?

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank

Oil company Equnior will make billions from the planned Rosebank oil field.

While the UK public will front the cost with no benefit to bills or energy security.

@RishiSunak, whose side are you on?


.@RishiSunak should:

- Turbocharge renewable energy to boost energy security

- Insulate UK homes to reduce everyone’s bills

Should not:

- Develop a new oil field that will destroy the planet

- Increase profits of huge oil companies

Don't approve Rosebank! #StopRosebank

Hey @RishiSunak, it would make absolutely no sense to approve Rosebank.

New oil and gas won’t lower our energy bills - like all North Sea oil - 80% will likely be exported.

Only some will get sold back to us, but at the international market price. #StopRosebank

Hey @RishiSunak,

UK taxpayers stand to make a loss of £100 million if you approve Rosebank, because of the loopholes in your governments’ windfall tax.

It literally makes no sense. #StopRosebank oil field.

If Rosebank is approved @RishiSunak will be lining the pockets of fossil fuel companies with taxpayers' money.

UK taxpayers will foot 91% of the development costs while reaping NO BENEFITS.

Anyone else think it’s a complete rip off?


Your reputation on the climate is in tatters @RishiSunak.

Can you really afford another bad call? Our planet certainly can't.

#NoNewOil #StopRosebank