EUROPE: don’t sell our future to dirty energy!

Right now our leaders in Europe are making important decisions about the future of EU's energy revolution:

Will they back coal that destroys our health and the planet?


Will they commit to 100% renewable energy, which offers us a clean and healthy future?

This is a rare opportunity for our leaders in Europe to take a strong stand on climate change. Let’s send them a clear and loud message so they make the right choice.

Europe: don't sell our future to the coal industry and support the rights of people to produce their own energy.
Europe’s energy system is broken and it still relies on expensive and dirty fossil fuels like coal. Fossil fuels are amongst the main causes of climate change. They also pollute our air and harm our health.

Taxpayer money shouldn't be wasted on old and polluting power plans and citizens should have the right to produce their own energy and contribute to a safer and healthier future.

Europe has a chance to get things back on track and lead the fight against climate change with a full transition to 100% renewables. This choice will affect us for the next decades.

This is our chance to tell our leaders to support a clean and safe future!



  • Give every European citizen the right to produce their own renewable energy and sell it at a fair price;
  • Oppose new subsidies for coal, nuclear and gas plants;
  • Support increasing the EU’s 2030 renewable energy target from at least 27% to at least 45%