Tar sands pipelines are trampling the rights of North American Indigenous communities, threatening to poison waterways, and contribute to runaway climate change.

First Nations and frontline communities are opposing the building and funding of tar sands pipelines. Sign the petition to stand with them.

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The Defenders

More than 150 Tribes and First Nations across North America oppose the expansion on the Alberta tar sands. They stand with allies in a movement of resistance against tar sands pipelines, trains, and tankers that threaten their land, water, and territory

Participants in the Reject and Protect movement protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Kanauhus Manuel, Secwepemc Nation, British Columbia

Jo Wolf Clan, Land Protector, Warrior Alliance, Anishinaabe Territory

The Pipelines

Three companies are moving forward with plans to build or expand three major tar sands pipelines from the Alberta tar sands across North America.

Stop The Banks

26 key banks from around the world are the main source of funding for these three tar sands pipelines. By funding these destructive pipelines, financial institutions are complicit in the violation of Indigenous rights and the threats to water, land, and climate. We must stop the flow of cash.

What's at risk?

The Kinder Morgan pipeline threatens to push the endangered southern resident killer whale to extinction. It also threatens the land, water, and homes of the communities that live along its route.

Three companies and their subsidiaries have been responsible for one spill per week in the USA (alone) since 2010.

Too much is at risk to allow these pipelines to ever be built.