Labour, keep your promises for a “fairer, greener future”.


Ask him to ensure Labour’s election manifesto includes a commitment to proper green investment. Please make sure to personalise your message - if we all send in the same email, it may get marked as spam! Let’s show Starmer that this policy is a clear vote winner:



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Labour, keep your promises for a “fairer, greener future”.

We’re standing at the edge of a cliff. For the first time, our planet has experienced average temperatures above a 1.5C threshold for an entire year. Now, more than ever, we need a government that will put the needs of the people and our planet first.

With a general election coming soon, the Labour Party currently has a solid lead in the polls. But despite this, their policies are not up to scratch.

Just last week, Labour party leader Keir Starmer hugely scaled back plans to invest an extra £28 billion a year into green jobs and industries. This level of investment could transform the lives of all of us in the UK by tackling the cost of living crisis.

This is a vision worth fighting for, not retreating from.