Take action - tell Coca-Cola to reduce their plastic footprint

Our oceans are awash with throwaway plastic packaging. From giant whales to tiny plankton, marine life is mistaking plastic for food. Studies have shown up to 90% of seabirds now have plastic in their stomachs.

We need to act urgently to stop plastic getting into our oceans. That means companies dramatically reducing the amount of throwaway plastic packaging they use.

We’re calling on Coca Cola - the world’s biggest soft drinks company to lead the way. Coke produces over 110 billion single-use plastic bottles a year. Billions end up in rivers, on beaches and ultimately in our oceans.

As one of the world’s biggest brands, Coke has the power to change how its industry operates.

We need them to phase out single-use plastic bottles and invest in new and innovative alternatives.

Add your name to the petition and tell Coke: our oceans can’t stomach any more plastic.

To: James Quincey, Coca-Cola CEO

Please take action to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you produce, and stop polluting our oceans.

Greenpeace Afrique