How do we Stop Adani? Together!

Adani is desperately trying to get the Carmichael mega-mine moving by starting work before they have the all finance they need. This is a critical time for the climate and the Reef. Now is the time to Stop Adani once and for all! Here are the 3 ways we are going to win:

  1. Grow the movement:

    65% of Australians don’t want this mine to be built [1]. If we come together as a big and active movement we can stop this mine. There are so many ways to take action, so you can find a way that works for you, and bring your friends!

  2. Stop the Money:

    While many of the approvals have been granted, Adani still needs to find funding for this project. And this is where the movement can get them! Public opposition made some of the world’s largest banks, including Australia’s 4 biggest banks, pull out of the project. Now we need to stop the Adani project from getting tax-payer money. We need to stop the Morrison Government from handing out millions of dollars to companies that want the mine to go ahead, through the Export Finance Investment Corporation (EFIC) slush-fund.

  3. Shift the politics:

    MP’s need to know that if they don’t stop Adani, we’ll elect someone who will. By organising around our own local electorates, we can show that supporting coal can get you voted out.

Only a big movement, led by those with most at stake, can stop this coal mine. So we need everyone! Are you in?

[1]  Most Australians oppose governments $1bn Adani loan for railway line | The Guardian


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