Update, Dec 2017: Despite launching the Zero Carbon Act and the Climate Commission with Climate Change Minister James Shaw, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has refused to rule out offering new oil and gas exploration permits, and has awarded one new exploration permit off the coast of Taranaki near blue whale and maui dolphin habitat.

The oil industry’s giant seismic blasting ship, Amazon Warrior AKA 'The Beast', has returned to NZ on the hunt for more climate wrecking oil. And right now it’s blasting for oil in blue whale habitat off the Taranaki Coast!

Oil drives climate change, exploratory oil drilling risks catastrophic spills, and seismic blasting harms whales and other marine life. Oil exploration has to be stopped.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says climate change is her generation’s nuclear free moment. And we agree! Going nuclear free meant stopping the nuclear ships. Taking action on climate change means stopping the oil ships. So let’s do this! Let’s lead the world by ending oil exploration in NZ waters.

Sign and share this petition now to call on Jacinda Ardern and the new Labour-led Government to match their words with action by putting an immediate end to offshore oil exploration.

Photo credit:  D Ramey Logan


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: I ask that you make climate change your "nuclear free moment" by ending offshore oil exploration, seismic blasting and drilling in NZ waters, and stop the ‘Block Offer’ process.

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