Sitting at the bottom of the world, the Antarctic is home to a great diversity of life. It provides food and shelter to amazing creatures such as penguins, whales, seals and orcas.


But a warming climate and expanding industrial fishing poses a threat to this vital ocean and its iconic creatures.


The good news is we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary - the largest protected area on Earth. This would put the waters off-limits to the industrial fishing vessels currently plundering the ocean of tiny shrimp-like krill, on which Antarctic sea life relies.


We need the members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission - the international body tasked with the protection of Antarctic marine ecosystem - to stop dragging their feet and protect the Antarctic Ocean.


By working together we can urge members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission to put the Antarctic first and secure an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.


Members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission:
"You have the power to secure the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. Please keep this precious area safe, with a sanctuary for the ocean animals who call it home."

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