Air pollution, the government misses another opportunity?
Air pollution is a national crisis. It kills 1.2 million Indians a year prematurely. Conditions in Delhi and north India are severe this winter, medical experts say that breathing the capital’s air is the same as smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Coal power plant is a significant source of air pollution. They emit harmful chemicals such as sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrous oxides (NOx) into the air, making it so toxic that it results in irreparable damages to our health.

In 2015 the environment ministry set new standards for emissions that made it mandatory for coal power plants to reduce their toxic emissions. The deadline to comply was 7th Dec 2017 but many of these power plants are ignoring the standards and continue to poison the air we breathe.

The environment minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan must take immediate steps to implement the standards, but the ministry is dragging its feet. As an ENT specialist, Dr Harsh Vardhan is known for his past fight against smoking and tobacco, so we need to remind him that breathing toxic air kills.

Write to the minister using the form and tell him he must ACT NOW to fight air pollution.

Dr Harsh
Minister for Environment