Join the global movement to support communities seeking climate justice through the power of law.

Fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil and Shell knew decades ago that the burning of fossil fuels could lead to catastrophic climate impacts, which would harm people and the planet, but some chose to hide this and undermine the science and the facts.

A growing number of people around the world are taking legal action, and others are supporting them by joining the global Climate Justice movement. Together, they want to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the impacts that their businesses have on the climate and for the resulting human rights violations, as well as to force governments to live up to their duty to protect people from the climate crisis.

The science is clear: pollution from fossil fuel companies´ business of extracting and marketing their products drives climate change. Climate change accelerates social injustices and threatens our fundamental human rights, including the right to life itself, especially for those who are already in vulnerable situations.

The Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines’ power to act is clear: by asserting its clear and explicit authority and jurisdiction to investigate all forms of human rights violations in the Philippines, including human rights violations resulting from climate change, and the companies that have contributed to the climate crisis, regardless of where they are based and operate.

This historic legal action has gained traction because of people like you and it is only the beginning! Join us!


I support the people and communities around the world who are taking legal action for climate justice. Also, I support the communities that will be making a stand at the 2018 climate change and human rights hearings and demanding that the world’s biggest producers of carbon accept their share of the responsibility for the destruction resulting from extreme weather made worse by climate change.

People impacted by devastating climate change must be given the resources they need to rebuild their lives, and governments and companies must urgently pave the way for a future powered by 100% renewable energy and a just transition for communities and workers affected by the necessity of keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

We need you to help raise the voices of people and communities living on the frontlines of climate change and everyone around the world! These communities are not backing down from their demand for change. Join them to demand that governments and companies urgently take action!