Protect the iconic Pacific today

Justin Trudeau’s government wants to build a massive new oil pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to B.C. This would create a supertanker highway along the iconic Pacific coast, threatening the livelihoods of Indigenous and coastal communities and spelling extinction for endangered orca whales.

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The threat to the Pacific

Despite pledging to act on climate, respect the rights of Indigenous peoples, and end fossil fuel subsidies the Canadian government now wants to build a massive tar sands oil pipeline from central Canada to the sea, so that hundreds of tanker ships can carry tar sands oil along the Pacific coast to California. Spills are a virtual certainty and would impact sea life for decades — or longer.

The tar sands are vast oil fields in Alberta. They produce some of the dirtiest oil on the planet and one of the world’s biggest carbon bombs. Oil companies want to build three new pipelines to expand tar sands oil extraction, and we need to stop them all.

What's at risk?

The Pacific Ocean’s ancient waters have been a source of livelihoods for Indigenous Peoples for generations. Water is life and we won’t let the government gamble it away.

The Trans Mountain pipeline also threatens to push already-endangered southern resident killer whales to extinction. There are only 75 of these incredible creatures left.

If we build this pipeline, Canada will not be able to meet its climate commitments.

This is too much to risk. Stand with Indigenous peoples to protect the land, water and climate and stop the Trans Mountain pipeline.