Act now: tell Woolworths and Coles to end excessive plastic packaging on fresh produce.

Australians love the ocean and all that lives in it, which is why a walk down the fresh produce aisle at your local supermarket can be so frustrating. Plastic-wrapped bananas. A plastic tube of apples. A handful of mushrooms on a plastic tray, swathed in plastic wrapping. 

Woolworths and Coles have both announced that they’d like to reduce waste, but we're keeping the pressure on until we see a solid commitment to ending unnecessary plastic packaging on fresh produce.

That excessive plastic packaging smothering your fruit and veggies could end up in the ocean, where it never truly breaks down. Instead, it chokes turtles and seabirds and ends up in the stomachs of fish and other marine animals.

Trying to cut plastic out of your life? Big corporations like Woolworths and Coles are undermining your efforts by wrapping fresh fruit and veggies in throwaway, single-use plastic. Globally, 90% of all plastic produced won’t end up in the recycling bin[1].

It's time to end single-use plastic pollution at the source. Tell Woolworths and Coles to #breakfreefromplastic by ending excessive plastic packaging in their produce aisles.

[1] https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/plastic-produced-recycling-waste-ocean-trash-debris-environment/


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