Don’t use my tax dollars
to bail out a failing pipeline project

The Federal Court of Appeal just quashed the approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline - a massive victory for Indigenous Nations and all those who stood against this project. This could mean years of delays and mounting costs.

Despite this fact, the federal government is still thinking of pushing forward with its purchase of the pipeline, spending more than $4.5 billion in public money and could close the sale as early as tomorrow.

Will you call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and tell him to put an end to the Trans Mountain pipeline buyout?



Talking points:

  • I'm calling to express my opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline buyout.
  • The court has quashed your approval of this project and you should take the opportunity to dump this pipeline and invest the money in renewable energy instead.
  • By supporting the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project, the government is violating its own commitments to the climate, to ocean protection and Indigenous reconciliation and you’re trying to use my taxpayer dollars to do it


  • On August 30th, the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. This decision may mean years of delays and mounting financial costs.1
  • The current Trans Mountain pipeline has spilled 82 times since 1961.2
  • There are only 75 Southern Resident killer whales left in the world. The seven-fold increase in tanker traffic from this pipeline could lead to their extinction.3
  • The majority of Indigenous Nations affected by the pipeline and tanker proposal have never given their consent to the project.


  • As long as you are accurate and honest in your statements you don’t need to memorize all the facts and figures. Speak from your heart as a concerned member of the public.