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If you had a chance to save the climate. Would you take it? Choose forests.

If we don’t act to protect the Great Northern Forest, we will lose the battle against climate change - what happens to this amazing forest happens to us all.

Trees that have stood for a hundred years are being cut down and turned into products that we use only for a few seconds. 

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The Great Northern Forest has stood tall for thousands of years – circling the planet like a green crown. Since the last ice age this amazing forest has been accumulating carbon in its soils and trees. Today it stores more carbon than all the tropical forests combined.

Every year tens of thousands of square kilometres of this forest are fragmented, degraded or destroyed. Ancient trees are being turned into disposable products we use only for a brief moment.

Continued destruction of the Great Northern Forest could trigger a 'carbon bomb', releasing huge amounts of carbon stored in the trees, permafrosts and soils. We cannot afford to let this happen.

This forest needs action. It’s only through a global movement that together we can put pressure on the industries and decision makers that continue to threaten this amazing forest. It’s up to us to create a powerful global voice of the people and show that destroying The Great Northern Forest is not an option.

Choose forests – join the movement!

The great northern forest stores more carbon than all the rainforest combined.

Also known as the Boreal forest, or Taiga, the Great Northern Forest is a unique global ecosystem circling the planet from Canada, through Sweden and Finland and all the way to the Pacific coast of Russia.  

The Great Northern Forest is home to countless species of plants and animals. From grey wolves, grizzly bears and bald eagles to the incredible endangered Siberian tiger, this amazing forest holds the foundation of a vast web of life.

But this biodiverse ecosystem is under threat from logging companies that continue to expand into the last unprotected forest areas. What once stood tall for centuries is quickly disappearing.

Eight years ago world governments agreed to take immediate action to prioritise the protection of the world’s remaining forests, but despite this promise, the governments of Canada, Russia, Finland and Sweden have failed to act and still allow companies to destroy huge vital parts of the Great Northern Forest.

Forests need a voice, they need your voice. Choose forests – join the movement!

Only 3% of this amazing forest is protected.

Protect the great northern forest! Sign

Step into the great northern forest!

Experience the forest from wherever your are! Watch the video and follow these simple steps:

1. Download Arilyn app (iOS, Android)
2. Open the app, scan the image below and follow the instructions on the screen.
3. Place the gate close to you and walk in!
+ Gate is now also saved in the menu (Playground >> Greenpeace >> TheForestGate)

*Requires iPhone SE or later or Android phones with accelerometer. Full list of supported devices here.