Right now, big oil companies are shoving Indigenous rights and concern for water and land aside in order to build huge, risky tar sands oil pipelines.

But across the world, hundreds of thousands of people are standing up against dangerous tar sands pipelines that cross Indigenous territories and threaten water.

Be part of the wave of resistance against tar sands pipelines.

Tell the world’s big banks: no funding pipeline projects

Tar sands oil pipelines have a history of causing destruction: tearing up land, polluting water, and causing catastrophic oil spills that take decades to clean up. There’s no safe way to transport oil, and the effects of a spill are especially devastating when it’s on Indigenous land that oil companies don’t have consent to build on.

Tar sands pipelines need big money from big banks. Some banks are already backing away from tar sands pipelines, but there’s a Dirty Dozen of twelve banks that are each still financially involved in some of these projects[1]. If people around the world ask banks to commit to NOT fund these pipelines, we can tip the balance on these toxic projects and stop these new pipelines for good.

Tar sands oil pipelines don’t go ahead without serious money. We need to tell the world’s big banks not to fund pipeline projects, now.

Here in Australia, Citibank has funded billions of dollars worth of risky fossil fuel projects that have destroyed cultural heritage sites and dumped construction spoil on sacred gathering sites.[2]

When big banks like Citibank fund oil pipelines, their actions are putting us all at risk - not only from toxic oil spills, but from the effects of climate change.


[1] https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/who-are-the-dirty-dozen-banks/
[2] https://www.marketforces.org.au/info/compare-bank-table/

Stand with us to tell Citibank and the rest of the Dirty Dozen banks to not fund oil pipelines.

To the CEO of Citibank and other banks funding dangerous tar sands oil pipelines:
To protect the environment, respect Indigenous rights, safeguard communities across national and sovereign territories from toxic spills, and prevent runaway climate change, your bank MUST confirm it will not provide financial support for any dirty tar sands pipelines and Energy Transfer Partners, the company that built the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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