Test Your Rainforest Knowledge!

The Earth's rainforests are iconic - but how much do you really know about these incredible places? Try this tricky test:

OK, question one: which three of these countries are home to tropical rainforests?  

2. Now, what percentage of the world’s animals and plant species can be found in tropical rainforests?

3. Which four of these animals are only found in tropical rainforests?  

4. OK, you’re halfway through! Now, what do you think is the biggest threat facing our rainforests? Choose one.

5. Which of these industries are connected to destructive deforestation?

Select as many as you think.

6. Which of these common products often contain palm oil?

Select as many as you think.

7. OK, final question before you get your results: what country are you from? (We’re asking so we can map out how much people from different countries know about the rainforests)