Prime Minister Trudeau:
Protect the Orcas

The first calf in three years born to the endangered southern resident orca pod died shortly after it was born.

Its mother and other pod members carried the lifeless body through the water for 17 days.

It was heartbreaking to watch and the pod is still in trouble. There are only 74 southern resident orcas left. Due to dwindling food supplies, increased marine traffic noise, and climate change many members are already emaciated and struggling to survive.

The pipeline Justin Trudeau’s government wants to buy could further endanger the orca’s food supply, and bring over 400 tankers a year through their critical habitat. That’s not acceptable.

Protecting these endangered creatures is a federal responsibility.

Tell Justin Trudeau he needs to act now to protect these orcas.

Justin Trudeau: hear a mother’s cry. Save the orcas.

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