Solli Raphael x Greenpeace

Together we can make more minutes count for the planet.

Solli Raphael is a 13 year-old environmentalist, speaker, poet and Australia’s youngest Poetry Slam Championship winner. Displaying wisdom beyond his years, his latest poem ‘Let’s Make the Minutes Count’ is both a sobering reality check and inspiring call to arms.

In his poem, Solli describes a planet in crisis: plastic-polluted oceans, a Reef in danger and a government unwilling to address the climate crisis we’re in.

But he also speaks to the power we have if we stand together and hold environmental offenders to account with a collective voice.

Organising and amplifying people power is why Greenpeace exists. Together, our global movement exposes issues ranging from deforestation, plastic pollution and climate change, and forces their solutions.

But to to win a better future young people like Solli and for us all, we need your voice.

So - are you with us?

‘Let’s make the minutes count’ is a spoken-word poem written and owned by Solli Raphael. You can learn more about Solli at: https://solliraphael.com.au/

Video is owned by Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

"Let’s stand together, stand for better and use this people power to make more minutes count!"

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