Together, we can push back on plastics.  If enough of us write letters to our MPs calling on them to adopt a national stategy on plastic waste, we can create real political pressure! By coming together, we won a ban on plastic bags. Now we can go much further. Please write to your MP and demand action.

Select your MP from the list and write them a message showing your support for a strategy to dramatically cut single use plastic and hold industry accountable for the plastic they produce. Use your own words and always be polite - don’t give them an excuse to ignore you!

If you’re stuck for talking points, here's a template letter you can use. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Speak from the heart: Tell your MP why you personally care about the plastics issue.

Share facts about the importance of the issue in NZ i.e 7 out of 8 fish species common in the country have ingested plastic on a regular basis)

Make your demands clear, such as calling on your local MP to support Greenpeace’s ‘Plastic Free NZ’ plan.

Thank them and ask for a reponse  to your letter.


Photo credit: Greenpeace/Melville

Write to your MP

Select a politician and their email address will appear. Then click on the email address. (If nothing happens, just copy and paste the email address into a new email message.)

Some MPs have auto-responders set up. This is great - it means you're getting through to them.

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