In the Murray Darling Basin, an absolute tragedy is unfolding right before our eyes.

Up to one million fish have washed up dead – and countless more are expected to die.​1 Murray cod, believed to be decades old, have been wiped out.2 

The Murray Darling Basin is literally being choked by mismanagement by State and Federal Governments, compounded by devastating droughts, exacerbated by climate change.

The scenes along the river are heartbreaking. Local residents Rob McBride and Dick Arnold said they "feel like crying" when seeing the washed up fish, while a local MP became physically ill upon viewing the river.3 4  

Sign the petition to force NSW Government to take responsibility for this ecological disaster – and stop allowing climate change and corporate greed to destroy our precious Murray Darling Basin.

"Look at these iconic fish of Australia being treated like this... you'd have to be bloody disgusted with yourself… This is a man-made disaster brought to you by the New South Wales Government and the Federal Government." - Rob McBride and Dick Arnold, Menindee residents


For years the NSW government has allowed too much water to be taken from the system, helping create the conditions for this apocalyptic scale algal bloom.

Millions of fish are being wiped out in a human-made disaster caused by the NSW Government’s mismanagement of the river system, by corporate greed and climate change.

Meanwhile, the NSW Water Minister, Niall Blair, is literally running away from the issue. He was too scared to face concerned locals who wanted answers and instead falsely blamed the police for avoiding scrutiny.5

Minister Blair has totally abandoned his responsibilities for the Murray Darling – and has no plan to address the crisis, saying all we can do is wait for rain.6

This is the second mass kill in a month, when will the NSW government act on climate and stop taking water from this under siege river system?

We can’t let the NSW Government get away with this any longer. It’s time they took responsibility for this ecological disaster.

Image credit: Max Phillips

Can you take a stand for the million fish that have been tragically killed, by adding your name to this petition?

To Premier Gladys Berejiklian & NSW Water Minister, Niall Blair:

The mass fish deaths in the Murray Darling are heart-breaking.

It’s time you took responsibility for this ecological disaster.

We call on you to take climate change seriously – and stop allowing corporate greed to destroy our precious Murray Darling Basin.

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