To: Michael Gove 

“Please deliver a strong deposit return scheme that covers containers of all sizes and materials”


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Tell the government to take strong action on plastic pollution. 

We've all seen the footage of turtles, seals and whales who've been choked, tangled or harmed by plastic pollution. A Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) can start tackling the problem. 

5.5 billion plastic bottles go un-recycled every year in the UK alone - with many finding their way into our oceans or landfill.

But a DRS is a simple yet effective way of combating this: when you buy a drink you pay a tiny amount which you get back when you return the container. The container then gets reused or taken down to be recycled. Simple 

But there's talk of a weak, watered down DRS that doesn't cover all drinks containers - thanks to corporate lobbyists not wanting to pay for their own waste.

So let's make sure protecting our natural world is the priority - not special interests. 

Let the government know that you want a strong DRS that properly protects our natural world.