To: Ulf Mark Schneider
CEO of Nestlé

“Nestlé: stop endangering our oceans, our communities, and wildlife around the world.”


Stop Single-Use Plastic

Plastic pollution is jeopardizing human health and harming marine animals like whales and sea turtles at alarming rates.

We cannot recycle our way out of this crisis. Over 90 percent of plastics have not been recycled. Countries in Southeast Asia are used as dumping ground through the global waste trade. We have to hold brands accountable and demand alternatives to cheap throwaway plastic packaging.

Recent cleanups and audits of plastic waste have found that Nestlé is one of the worst plastic polluters. Nestlé sells a billion products a day with 98% of them wrapped in single-use packaging.

Nestlé must stop endangering our oceans, our waterways, our communities, and wildlife around the world.

Tell Nestlé to stop producing single-use plastic and immediately start shifting toward systems of refill and reuse!