To: Mr. Mike Coupe

“Please set ambitious targets to reduce Sainsbury's plastic footprint, starting with eliminating unneccessary and unrecyclable plastics by 2020”

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Tell Sainsbury’s CEO to reduce their plastic footprint.

Sainsbury's have a problem. And it's plastic. Supermarkets produce a whopping 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging a year. No major retailer is doing enough, but Sainsbury's have done the least. 

We've made a league table based on supermarkets' plastic footprint - and Sainsbury's are rock bottom. They're one of the biggest and most popular supermarkets in the UK, so they must take responsibility for their plasitc footprint. But it seems like they couldn't care less.

Sainsbury's need to set ambitious targets to reduce their plastic footprint. They need to listen to their customers who are fed up with the amount of plastic they buy with their shopping.

Can you email the CEO of Sainsbury's and urge him to listen to people around the country who're calling for plastic reduction?